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The Wee School's Begindergarten class is the perfect accelerated class for 4 and 5 year olds with strong
literacy skills and current kindergarteners seeking academic enrichment. The class will go beyond the basics of literacy and provide more in depth instruction in the areas of literacy, math and science. Students will benefit from individualized instruction at their level.

Our curriculum will include Read From the Start (similar to Erie's The Right Stuff), Everyday Mathematics, Math Their Way, Writer's Workshop and we will also study in the areas of science, social studies and art. We will reinforce the basics in reading ,writing and mathematics, while providing instruction on different themes in the areas of science and social studies.

The benefits of this class include:

  • Continuing to develop a positive self concept and attitude toward learning
  • Opportunity to further develop and extend new skills being learned
  • Small class size (approximately 15 students)
  • Reinforcement of basic concepts for struggling students
  • Provide an academic alternative to day care

The Wee School Director, Joni Seaward, is well qualified to teach this class. Joni is a licensed elementary teacher with over a decade of teaching experience at the elementary level and five additional years at the early childhood level.

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