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The Wee School offers several programs for children 2 ¾ to 6 years of age ranging from our traditional Preschool and Kinder Prep classes to our full day Preschool Plus class which provide an educational alternative to day care. The Wee School is also pleased to offer our heralded Begindergarten class which is designed for accelerated students with strong literacy skills.

Our classes consist of free
exploration time, story time, calendar, learning centers, small group instruction, snack and

The Wee School's Preschool classes utilize the following educational series:

  • readingRigby Alphabet Starter Series - Part of the Rigby PM Collection - Provides instruction in phonics, phonemic awareness, development of word recognition strategies while focusing on kinesthetic, oral, visual and auditory instruction.
  • Math Their Way - An activity-centered, child-centered, manipulative math workshop helping children develop an understanding of and insight into the patterns of mathematics.
  • D'nealian® Handwriting Readiness - Instead of circles-and-sticks, the children form whole letters at once, using continuous stokes. Most children using D'Nealian learn to write manuscript letters quickly and with no frustration. They have no problem changing to cursive writing later on because the groundwork has been laid-continuous strokes.

Class Schedule

  1. Arrival/Free Exploration at Centersrecess
  2. Calendar, Letter of the Week, and Story Time
  3. Recess/Snack
  4. Activity Time (Reading Group, Handwriting, Journal Time, Craft)
  5. Cleanup/Dismissal
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